Conditions Updated: 04/08/18 – Trails are CLOSED for the season.


C4  XX
S49B  XX
S49A  XX
S49C  XX
S45B  XX
  • NO   Trails are being prepared for your winter riding enjoyment.
  • OS   Opening soon : Trails are ready and waiting for cold weather and or snow.
  • TC   Temporarily closed  : Trails have shut down due to poor conditions or low/no snow.
  •  CL   Closed  : Trails are closed for the season.
  •  LI   Limited : Trails are passable for marginalriding. Some trails may be closed. Stay off closed trails.
  •  FA   Fair : Trails are in adequate shape forsatisfactory riding. Some trails may not be groomed.
  •  GO   Good : Trails are groomed with very good snow cover. Riding should prove to be very favorable.
  •  EX   Excellent : Trails are exceptionally wellgroomed with ideal snow cover. Enjoy

“C” Signifies a state funded corridor trail. A corridor trail provides a link between communities and attractions.

“S” Signifies a state funded secondary trail. Secondary trails provide access to the corridor trail system.

  • C4 – In our area C4 runs mostly southerly through East Aurora, Strykersville, Holland, Sardinia, & Springville. Our section is commonly refered to as the Springville power line. C4 is a main corridor trail that runs around the region to many other areas as well.
  • C4A – In our area C4A runs easterly from Hamburg, thru Chestnut Ridge Park, Boston’s East Hill, across Colden and then through Holland.
  • C4E – Starts at the Hamburg/Colden trail intersection on Boston’s East Hill (Bender’s Field) then run’s down the gas line into Boston trail system and on down the power line continuing until it meets C4 in Springville. About 2.5 miles from Bender’s Field there is access to a Sunoco station on Rt391
  • S49B – Connects Sprague Brook Park (S49A) with the power line (C4). This is a short section of east-west trail near the southern end of our trail system.
  • S49A – Runs south from C4A (near Center Street/Partridge Road intersection) down to Sprague Brook Park parking area.
  • S49C – A short section of east/west trail between S49A and C4 near the power line (Runs through the Holland Hills golf course)
  • S45B – A straight north/south trail that runs between Emery Park and C4A (Near Center Street/Partridge Road intersection)